Collective Garden Access Point


Sens-Able Patient Network is now accepting new patients! Our goal is to provide Seattle medical marijuana patients safe access to the highest quality locally grown medicine



We offer our members access to over 50 strains of high quality medicine all grown by the Sens-Able Patient Network. We offer complete knowledge on every strain we grow, and work to creating a wellness program with the right strains for each patient.



We have a HUGE VARIETY of Medibles, all of which are made to order! We make an in-house edible daily, we also have an extensive medible menu that with one days notice anything from said menu will be made fresh for you.

Welcome to Sens-Able Patient Network

Sens-Able Patient Network Mission Statement

SPN is a dedicated nonprofit medical facility that provides medical cannabis to authorized Washington state patients. Helping chronically ill patients live a higher quality of life, by providing safe reliable cannabis resources for cannabis patients in strict compliance with RCW 69.51A.010.I.

SPN is explicitly designed to conform to the Washington State laws protecting qualified patients from prosecution for possession of medical marijuana. We strive to provide a safe place for patients with a model of compassion and legal integrity. The SPN operates in strict compliance of Washington's medical marijuana laws.

As distribution of cannabis remains illegal, cultivation is the only method by which cannabis may be obtained under state law. While not specifically sanctioned under RCW: 69.51A, collective cultivation is also not denied. Due to the costly high-tech equipment and resources required for indoor cultivation of medical cannabis, the majority of patients are unable to grow their own medicine. Thus, collective cultivation has become the only viable legal option for most patients. We provide a comfortable location with safe access to a wide variety of medication including dried marijuana, edibles, clones, and concentrates.